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Metal tapping machine

Product description:ITEM:Metal tapping machine Item No:RSTM-D Size:1300*320*1400mm GW:170Kg Device Parameters: 360rotating rocker arm, the length of the arm: 1000(mm) Operating voltage:220/380V Servo motor power:1000W Mo...
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Detailed introduction

ITEM:Metal tapping machine 

Item No:RSTM-D 



Device Parameters: 

360°rotating rocker arm, the length of the arm: 1000(mm) 

Operating voltage:220/380V 

Servo motor power:1000W 

Motor speed:6000rpm 

Work speed:1--375rpm(adjustable)

Tapping direction: vertical(it is adjustable to 360°) 

Touch screen,microcomputer controller,precision reducer 

Machining depth:1-35mm 

Wire diameter:1-20mm 

VC Scratch-proof workbench and -shaped workbench, One-button automatic operation mode PVC

Air pressure:6mpa 

Metal tapping machine 

Easy operation, intelligent and efficient 

360°rotating rocker arm,multi-angle ease of operation 

Automatic fuel injection 

Removal of fines pneumatically 

Movable and fast strong magnetic fixation

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