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Triangle Sand Line Sander

Product description:ITEM:Triangle Sand Line Sander Item No:XGQ-2022TS Size: 3200*800*1650mm Device parameters: Sanding specification: Maximum width:130mm Maximum height:65mm Sanding motor: 2.2kw*1 1.5kw*6 Conveyor m...
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Detailed introduction

ITEM:Triangle Sand Line Sander 

Item No:XGQ-2022TS 

Size: 3200*800*1650mm 

Device parameters: 

Sanding specification:   

Maximum width:130mm   

Maximum height:65mm 

Sanding motor: 2.2kw*1 1.5kw*6 

Conveyor motor: 0.75kw*1 

Note:Triangle sand can be manipulated to adjust speed and conveyed to no-limit. 

Note:Corresponding curvature molds can be customized according to different curvature materials.

Note:One-key start to replace the sand belt for convenience, convenience and ease of operation.


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