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Customers visited China Gaomi Rongsen Intelligent and Technology Co., Ltd.

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Customers visited China Gaomi Rongsen Intelligent and Technology Co., Ltd. on August 11, 2022. The reason why attracting this customer visit is that high-quality products and services, and favorable industry development prospects.

On behalf of the company, the manager Fan warmly welcomed the customers and arranged a meticulous reception. The manager Fan showed them around the exhibition hall and introduced detailedly the use method and effect of our company's equipment and other relevant knowledge. The technician tested the machine on site, answering to various questions. Finally, the customer and the manager Fan conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation, hoping to achieve complementary win-win and common development in the future cooperation projects.

ITEM:Metal tapping machine

Item No:RSTM-D 



Device Parameters: 360°rotating rocker arm, the length of the arm: 1000(mm) 


Operating voltage:220/380V 

Servo motor power:1000W 

Motor speed:6000rpm 

Work speed:1--375rpm(adjustable) 

Tapping direction: vertical(it is adjustable to 360°) 

Touch screen,microcomputer controller,precision reducer 

Machining depth:1-35mm 

Wire diameter:1-20mm 

PVC Scratch-proof workbench and -shaped workbench, One-button automatic operation mode PVC 

Air pressure:6mpa

Metal tapping machine 

Easy operation, intelligent and efficient 

360°rotating rocker arm,multi-angle ease of  operation 

Automatic fuel injection 

Removal of fines pneumatically 

Movable and fast strong magnetic fixation

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