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Rongsen attend Qingdao International Furniture Fair

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   From June 30 to July 2, 19th Qingdao International Furniture Fair was held in Qingdao, with an exhibition area of 150,000 square meters. Qingdao International Furniture Fair adheres to the characteristics of the whole industry chain display, including solid wood furniture, upholstered furniture, customized furniture, solid wood semi-finished furniture, woodworking machinery, raw and auxiliary materials and other upstream and downstream industry grand event. Moreover, each display category is on a large scale, providing systematic solutions for the upgrading and development of the entire chain of the furniture industry.  


   China Gaomi Rongsen Intelligent and Technology Co.,Ltd. as an exhibitor, in the exhibition to show the company's intelligent and efficient woodworking machinery, staff patient and enthusiastic communication with exhibitors, the characteristics and advantages of the exhibits in the staff of the explanation and demonstration of the show is shown to the fullest, the exhibitors in the exhibition have a certain understanding of the products, have shown the intention to cooperate, consolidate the existing cooperative relationship, but also discovered a large number of potential customers, to open up the market to lay the foundation.

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